Everybody's got a guy, what happens when you need a team?



For me, becoming an entrepreneur was inevitable – it was my life’s mandatory journey.  The repetitive and routine nature of working a 9 to 5 did not feed my burning passion for creativity and innovation, nor did it assuage my love of betting on an idea and watching it develop. 

Many entrepreneurs are like me.  They were driven to this life by an idea, by a vision of a different future. 

With high hopes, they began their ventures with the confidence of doing what they know best. 

They became “Owner and CEO” and surrounded themselves with a team of experts to make the decisions they were unsure of, unaware of, or just didn’t care about.   

What entrepreneurship is REALLY like

Then reality set in; the day-to-day management of their business was a disorganized mess. 

Having launched many start ups, some successes, some not, I’ve learned that surrounding yourself with the “right guys” isn’t enough to ensure your business success. 

While running our family business, I had all the right people in place -- competent accountants, lawyers, consultants, and bankers, each “team” member knew their job well.  The problem was that none of them knew what the other one was doing or what advice they were each giving me. 

It's kinda like stomach pain

I liken it to only seeing specialists when you’re in stomach pain -- the Internist says it’s your gall bladder, the Nutritionist insists it’s your diet, while the Gastroenterologist blames your colon. 

All you want to do is get your body in order, but you’re getting different opinions from each of the specialists and one doesn’t know what the other is diagnosing.   

Relying on the opinions of numerous specialists, without a General Practitioner in place to synthesize their recommendations, is a very myopic approach, and will not get you the best long-term results. 

The same holds true for how you manage your business experts.  By not utilizing a General Practitioner, a leader who understands “the business” of your business, to synthesize all of your expert recommendations, you may never get to where you really need to be, at least not in the most efficient manner. 

An effective General Practitioner leads to cohesive, consistent, and thorough decisions for your dream business.  To build your dream, sustain it, grow it, and retire from it takes more than just a handshake and few bucks for a rainy day. 

Hi there, I'm Sandy and I can help

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Running your business from the front seat is a much clearer view than trying to steer from the backseat!

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Do You Own a Business or Do You Have A Job?

As an Entrepreneur and small business owner (and yes, I believe they are two very different people) I have experienced the ups and downs of my own companies. 

Life is great when money is coming in the door, all of your staff and your bills are being paid….aaaahhh, I am making it happen, I am a business owner.  

Then there is the flip side of the coin, when times are tough and you must borrow from your personal wealth by paying your employees from your personal bank account and vendors are calling like crazy!! 

These days are not so fun. 

Owning a business

There is way more to owning a successful business than just registering to become one and printing cool business cards. 

Understanding why managing your cash flow, your payables and receivables, and understanding the workflow of your office is the heart of your business. 

I work with my clients everyday to assist them in building a sustainable business that can thrive in any environment and I tell you, it is much more than getting new clients and collecting a paycheck. 

Planning for success

Reaching out for support in the areas that you are unsure of is a plan for success. 

Why did you go into your own business if you didn’t plan on the 18 hours days, sleepless nights and stress beyond imagination? 

You went into business to do the skill that you do best; outsource to others the tasks that you are unsure of and if you don’t know what they even are; hire someone like me! 

I am an Entrepreneur’s Personal CFO.  Equivalent to a Wedding Coordinator; I help to ask the right questions to gain insight to where you have been, where you want to go and what your business and your personal life need to look like in order for you to get there. 

Stop wasting time worrying about the top 10 things that are keeping you from achieving massive growth and success and reach out for guidance.  No one builds and Empire on their own. 

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Are you guilty of Junk Drawer Finances?

When I began my life as an adult; an adult? that sounds so funny to say now that I am older!  I owned a home, started a business, purchased insurance and began investing my money. 

I didn't have a clue what I was even doing!  I purchased insurance from my Dad, went to someone else for my investments, yet another for my insurance on my car, my home and my business. 

I had a mortgage broker, an accountant, a bank person, a lawyer setting up my wills and trusts, and many family members offering advice! 

There was just one big problem...

The problem was, none of it made any sense in MY life. 

I had several pieces of a puzzle but I didn't understand how they all fit together to take me where I needed to go. 

What about my goals;  business and personal? 

No one asked me about this. 

They all were waiting with their hand out to get a piece of a product sale or an hourly rate pay from me. 

A wake-up call

I didn't realize how this really effected me until after I sold one of my businesses.  I didn't really have a clue what to do with the money after I had received it. 

It became more evident to me that this is the way most business owners do their finances; in a junk drawer style. 

Purchasing "products" and throwing them in a folder into a drawer and not having a full understanding of how they actually work in their business, is it enough and how does each one coordinate with the other. 

It was time for me to act like a Entrepreneur's Personal CFO; and so I began to understand how I could sit in the middle of all the people I needed in my life that would help me to not only beginning building my wealth, but to also grow it and protect it as well. 

Now I have made this my mission to bring order to the "business" of your business.  Establishing a plan within your business and coordinating the efforts of the people who advise you so we are all working hard to have a significant impact on your ability to reach your short and long term financial and business goals - together; not just several pieces of advice thrown into a drawer.

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