Are you guilty of Junk Drawer Finances?

When I began my life as an adult; an adult? that sounds so funny to say now that I am older!  I owned a home, started a business, purchased insurance and began investing my money. 

I didn't have a clue what I was even doing!  I purchased insurance from my Dad, went to someone else for my investments, yet another for my insurance on my car, my home and my business. 

I had a mortgage broker, an accountant, a bank person, a lawyer setting up my wills and trusts, and many family members offering advice! 

There was just one big problem...

The problem was, none of it made any sense in MY life. 

I had several pieces of a puzzle but I didn't understand how they all fit together to take me where I needed to go. 

What about my goals;  business and personal? 

No one asked me about this. 

They all were waiting with their hand out to get a piece of a product sale or an hourly rate pay from me. 

A wake-up call

I didn't realize how this really effected me until after I sold one of my businesses.  I didn't really have a clue what to do with the money after I had received it. 

It became more evident to me that this is the way most business owners do their finances; in a junk drawer style. 

Purchasing "products" and throwing them in a folder into a drawer and not having a full understanding of how they actually work in their business, is it enough and how does each one coordinate with the other. 

It was time for me to act like a Entrepreneur's Personal CFO; and so I began to understand how I could sit in the middle of all the people I needed in my life that would help me to not only beginning building my wealth, but to also grow it and protect it as well. 

Now I have made this my mission to bring order to the "business" of your business.  Establishing a plan within your business and coordinating the efforts of the people who advise you so we are all working hard to have a significant impact on your ability to reach your short and long term financial and business goals - together; not just several pieces of advice thrown into a drawer.

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