Everybody's got a guy, what happens when you need a team?



For me, becoming an entrepreneur was inevitable – it was my life’s mandatory journey.  The repetitive and routine nature of working a 9 to 5 did not feed my burning passion for creativity and innovation, nor did it assuage my love of betting on an idea and watching it develop. 

Many entrepreneurs are like me.  They were driven to this life by an idea, by a vision of a different future. 

With high hopes, they began their ventures with the confidence of doing what they know best. 

They became “Owner and CEO” and surrounded themselves with a team of experts to make the decisions they were unsure of, unaware of, or just didn’t care about.   

What entrepreneurship is REALLY like

Then reality set in; the day-to-day management of their business was a disorganized mess. 

Having launched many start ups, some successes, some not, I’ve learned that surrounding yourself with the “right guys” isn’t enough to ensure your business success. 

While running our family business, I had all the right people in place -- competent accountants, lawyers, consultants, and bankers, each “team” member knew their job well.  The problem was that none of them knew what the other one was doing or what advice they were each giving me. 

It's kinda like stomach pain

I liken it to only seeing specialists when you’re in stomach pain -- the Internist says it’s your gall bladder, the Nutritionist insists it’s your diet, while the Gastroenterologist blames your colon. 

All you want to do is get your body in order, but you’re getting different opinions from each of the specialists and one doesn’t know what the other is diagnosing.   

Relying on the opinions of numerous specialists, without a General Practitioner in place to synthesize their recommendations, is a very myopic approach, and will not get you the best long-term results. 

The same holds true for how you manage your business experts.  By not utilizing a General Practitioner, a leader who understands “the business” of your business, to synthesize all of your expert recommendations, you may never get to where you really need to be, at least not in the most efficient manner. 

An effective General Practitioner leads to cohesive, consistent, and thorough decisions for your dream business.  To build your dream, sustain it, grow it, and retire from it takes more than just a handshake and few bucks for a rainy day. 

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